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In the 20 plus years since Adobe released Photoshop, the world's leading image manipulation application, the program has become a fundamental tool for graphic designers and renowned photographers worldwide. With the growing popularity of Photoshop among amateur photographers, digital scrapbookers and hobbyists everywhere, there's increasing demand for not only better training, but also pre-packaged designs and tools that can give beginners and pros the ability to quickly create great-looking documents and images.

Kansas City-based photographer, graphic designer and web developer Roger Ridpath is force behind, a website featuring free and low-cost royalty-free, exclusive designs and elements for Photoshop, such as brush sets, actions and stunning layered designs. These tools, easily imported into the award-winning program, allow users a no-hassle option to give their documents that little something extra to set their work off and avoid the project "blahs."

Ridpath, an Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert, is drawing on his more than 20 years of professional design experience servicing a wide variety of clients to develop creative tools that will appeal to both professionals and hobbyists. I'm an experienced graphic designer, with more than two decades of advertising & communications experience. In fact my professional career almost exactly mirrors Photoshop's history, in terms of time. For the past ten years, I've run my own firm, Ridpath Creative Partners, an award winning group that I continue to draw inspiration and energy from. (Not to mention a paycheck!)

Ridpath has worked for a diverse group of clients, including Sprint, Applebee's, Bayer, and AMC Theaters. My design includes the creation of more logos, brochures, posters, calendars, magazine advertisements and trade show promotions that I can possibly remember ... and some that I'd like to forget. "I've built hundreds of Web sites for companies as big as Colgate International and as small as my brother-in-law's restaurant."

In the late 90s, I was among the very first group of people developing plugins for this essential program. My most popular plugin was a little piece of software called SmartGif that allowed users to slice a Photoshop file into multiple .gif files. Communications Arts recognized it and MacWeek magazine touted it as one of the first plugins to really take advantage of the new (at the time) layers feature in Photoshop.

My keen interest in Photoshop - not just for work, but as a hobby - led me to pursue the difficult Adobe Certified Expert qualification in 2006. It wasn't easy. In reality, it was pretty damn hard. But I passed on my first try.

Since that day, I try to improve my Photoshop knowledge and ability every day. That's what led me to create I love and enjoy Photoshop so much; I wanted to help others be able to create outstanding work.

If there's anything I can do to help you become a better Photoshop user, just ask.

Roger Ridpath