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Frequently asked questions

If you don't receive your download info right away, please read the following FAQs for answers to possible problems you may encounter. Usually your order and download information is instantly available. Used my support contact form for a quick response.

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I can't seem to get access to my download after purchase. What should I do?

Sometimes international credit cards do not verify immediately and other system checks cause the download to be held up. If you do not receive your download after purchase please send us a friendly email and we'll be happy to help you out. When you send us an email make sure to include the name and email address you used to make your purchase.


Can I order by phone?

Not at this time. We prefer online orders because the order process is completely automated meaning that you'll get your order much quicker than trying to catch us on the phone.


Can I use products as part of a web based design application. (An example of a web based design application is Spread Shirt.) Is this allowed?

No, this is a violation of the EULA. You are buying a license to use products, not the product itself. Each one of your product site’s users would be receiving a percentage of the value that they would receive as owners of a product. For questions regarding approved uses and Extended Licenses send emails to


Do you have phone support?

Phone support is not available. Please take advantage of our product related tutorials at or You are also welcome to send support questions to


Do you have product samples or demos?

The best way to check out products is to download some of our FREEBIES and give them a try. Free Stuff is covered by the same Royalty-Free End User License Agreement as our products for purchase. Read here for the legal details.


Do you have tutorials for your products?Do you have tutorials for your products?

YES! Make sure you take advantage of our product related tutorials at or These tutorials are made to show you how to get the most from your purchase.


Do you ship products on CD?

At the time of purchase of purchase (for digital products) you will have the option to purchase a Backup CD of your product and/or Online File Backup Protection for 1 Year (View Details). offers free Instant Digital Delivery for all of our products for the best possible energy profile and smallest carbon footprint.


How can I use the items I purchase on

Simply put, you can use purchased and free products in your own or client creations without asking permission or giving credit. You are not allowed to resell products in part or whole as they were purchsed. If you have a usage question please email and you will receive a prompt response. Read here for the legal details.


How do I open a .zip file on a Windows PC or an Apple Mac

Compressed (.zip) files make transferring information across the Internet quicker and easier than with their full-size counterparts. Opening a .zip file is easy once you know the process, but if you do not, you can be left with a useless file. Following these simple steps will get you viewing and using those .zip files with just a couple of clicks.
Opening a .zip File on a Windows PC
Navigate to the location your file is stored. If you downloaded the file, it will most likely be in your Downloads folder. Once you have located the file, right-click on it and select “Extract All” from the menu. A dialog box will open up to allow you to specify where you want your files extracted to. If you do not specify a location, the files will be extracted in the same folder the original .zip file is located.
In that same dialog box, if you leave the option “Show extracted files when complete” checked, a new window will open that contains the files when you click “Extract.” From there, you can use, view or alter the files just like other Windows files.
Opening a .zip File on an Apple Mac
Locate your .zip file and double-click it to begin the extraction process. The extracted files will be located in the same directory as the original file. If double-clicking does not work, secondary click (by pressing CTRL + click or by two-finger clicking on the mouse pad, depending on your configuration) on the .zip file, select “Get Info,” and then “Open With.” Select “” and your file will be extracted. In that same screen, you can select “change all” to set all .zip files to open with Archive Utility in the future. This will allow you to open future .zip files by double-clicking.
Opening .zip files on a Windows PC or an Apple Mac is a simple process that allows you to view, use and edit files in just a couple of clicks. Since many files downloaded on the Internet come in .zip format, knowing how to open these files can help you make the most of your file sharing experience.

I didn't get my download link. What should I do?

Make sure you are checking the email address you used to create your order. Many of us have more than one email address so it's easy to forget which address is attached to which internet activity. PLEASE NOTE: We use a shopping cart system called FastSpring so orders for orders will be received from If you are sure this is not the problem send us an email at


I didn't receive information to download my purchase. What should I do?

Please contact us immediately and we will assist you. Sometimes emails get lost. Remember international customers may have to wait for customs to clear before delivery.


I have a question about a product I ordered. Who do I contact?

Email us with any questions, we try to respond to inquires within 24 hours during the business week.


I have Damaged or Bad Files, what should I do?

Please contact us and we will arrange additional working copies for free of course.


I've download the files but I can't seem to get them to Unzip. What should I do?

Be sure to have the latest version of your Unzipping application. Also verify the size of the file you downloaded is close to estimated size on the website. If you need more information on what do do with a .ZIP file. If you continue to have problems contact us.


What computers and versions of Photoshop do your products work with?

Please check the details for the product you are interested in. Each product will have details about Photoshop and computer system compatibility.