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My Dog Ate My Photoshop Installation Disc

on August 19, 2012
I recently received an email from a member with an interesting question and tough problem. Here's the problem and question…
I own all of the Adobe programs but have since left them all at my parents home and when my father died, my uncle threw out all of them. Problem I am having… is there any possible way for me to locate any of the Adobe Programs in the CS2 versions online any longer? I still have my license numbers for the programs but I can't seem to locate any free downloads for the Adobe CS2 Programs that I used to own.
I know that's not quite the dog eating her installation disc but the problem is the same. What to do? I'm guessing this person doesn't want to spend more money to get programs she's already purchased. That might not be possible unless she can find someone with the discs willing to loan them to her. Here's a few suggestions:
  • A friend maybe has saved this old disc and has them in storage.
  • A school might have the old discs that could be borrowed.
  • Shop around for what's called an "open box" version of the software that you already own and have the serial number for. It doesn't really matter if the box is open or if the serial number has been registered if you already have a product serial number. You can find open box software on ebay and craig's list.
  • Contact a friendly person at Adobe (not customer support). Someone like Russel Brown. He's a nice guy and might have a suggestion about getting old Adobe installer files. He gave me a cool Adobe thumbdrive when I attended Photoshop World so I know he's a nice guy right!?!
  • If you're really in a pinch you can rent the Adobe Creative Suite on a monthly basis
If you have your own suggestions please post them here!